Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 Page 22 Page 23 Page 24 Page 25 Page 26 Page 27 Page 28Touchstone Center for Crafts The natural setting for your creative nature 1 SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE 2017 SPECIAL EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS PAGE 4 CERAMICS PAGES 7–8 FIBER, PAPER, & BOOK ARTS PAGES 9–10 GLASS PAGES 11–12 June 5–9 Seams Different with Luke Haynes June 19–23 Not Your Daddy’s Leather Workshop with Jamie Murphy June 26–30 Fiber Art Transformations: Silk, Wool, Paper, and Books with Janice Patrignani July 10–14 Cordwainer Craft: Making Classic Handmade Leather Shoes with Molly Grant July 17–21 From Traditional to Contemporary: Finding Your Own Path to Modern Quilting with Nicole Maroon July 24–28 Silk Sensational Silk: Paint It, Crimp It, Dye It, Wear It with Janice Patrignani July 31–August 4 A Thousand Words with Len Davis August 7–11 Introduction to Sculptural Needle Felting with Erin Carlson August 21–25 Papermaking 101 with Katy DeMent August 26–28 Pulp Painting: Illustrate with Colorful Paper Pulps with Katy DeMent September 1–3 Shibori Holiday with Janice Patrignani September 8–11 The Art of Papercutting with Annie Howe June 5–9 Mapping: Surface, Texture, and Relief in Kiln Glass with Richard Parrish June 12–16 Flesh and Blood with Carmen Lozar June 26–30 Marbles and Beads with Mike Mangiafico July 10–14 Taking the Next Big Step with Andrew Tischler July 17–21 Reverse Relief Casting with Elizabeth Braun July 24–28 Kiln Working Basics with Meredith Edmondson August 7–11 Building Blocks of Flameworking with Kit Paulson August 14–18 Glass and Metal: Transformed into Wearable Art with Susan Thornton August 21–25 Make Your Mark with Dorie Guthrie September 1–3 Beyond Glass Beadmaking Basics: Surface and Form with Diana Dugina September 8–10 Wild Flower Lampwork Class with Karen Leonardo September 15–17 Glass Beads: Inside and Out with Joy Knepp September 22–25 Melting Faces with Chad Parker BLACKSMITHING PAGES 5–6 June 12–16 Irons in the Fire with Glenn Horr June 19–23 Copper Drinking Vessels with Glen Gardner June 26–30 Blacksmithing for Teens with Matt Yeomans July 10–14 Forged Fashion with Ellen Durkan July 17–21 From Forge to Bench with Zach Lihatsh and Dan Neville July 24–28 Forging and Finishing a Tomahawk with Marc Yanko July 31–August 4 Introduction to Bladesmithing with Andrew Meers August 7–11 Tools for the Home: Design for Daily Use with Greg Gehner August 14–18 Sixteenth Century Padlock with Sliding Hasp with Thomas Latané August 21–25 Keep it Together: Joinery for Furniture with Abraham Pardee August 25–27 FUNdamentals of Blacksmithing with Jody Best September 1–3 Make the Tools for the Job with Mark Aspery September 8–10 Troubleshooting Creative and Technical Problems in Blacksmithing with Anna Koplik September 15–18 An Introduction to Welding Techniques for the Artist with Mark Atkinson April 27 Spring Scholarship Fundraiser May 5–7 Throwdown 2017: A Ceramics Symposium May 5–7 Torched 2017: A Glass Symposium May 19–21 Pigment 2017: A Painting Retreat May 19–21 Fiber Arts Forum I June 2–4 Ninth Annual Jim Campbell Hammer–In June 2–4 Alchemist Picnic IV: A Mid–Atlantic Metals Retreat June 23 Summer Evening Arts I June 26–30 Teen Week June through August Weekly Auctions August 4 Summer Evening Arts II September 29–October 1 Keystone Metals Forum IV October 7 The 45th Anniversary Celebration October 13–15 Independence 2017: A Mosaic Symposium November 4 Annual Membership Meeting May 5–7 Fire on the Mountain with Dan Tomcik and Dan Scully June 5–9 Wheel to Table: Approaching Form and Surface with Porcelain with Doug Peltzman June 19–23 Exploring Functional Handbuilding: Discovering the New in the Old with Sunshine Cobb June 26–30 Pump up the Volume: Exploring the Poetics of Large Vessels with Trevor King July 10–14 Inspiring Porcelain: Form, Surface, Function, Dysfunction with Bryan Hopkins July 17–21 Setting the Table with Mike Jabbur July 24–28 The Layered Surface with Justin Rothshank July 31–August 4 Decorated Surfaces in Porcelain with Julie Wiggins August 7–11 Sketch, Stretch, and Scratch: Handbuilding and Surface Techniques for Pottery with Chandra DeBuse August 14–18 Wheel Thrown Pottery with Valda Cox August 21–25 Form and Surface in the Woods of Touchstone with Eric Rempe August 26–28 Using Paperclay for Handbuilding Functional Vessels and Sculptural Objects with Danna Rzecznik September 1–3 Wood, Clay, Fire with Dan Kuhn September 8–11 Dynamic Expressions with Travis Winters September 15–18 Mapping and Surface Decoration with Brooke Millecchia September 22–25 Porcelain: Form and Finesse with Susan Filley Ellen Durkan Sunshine Cobb