Roger Hyndman is one of our ‘A Taste of Touchstone’ Artists who will also be teaching at Touchstone in 2018!

Visit The Allegany Arts Council’s Saville Gallery in Cumberland, MD from February 3-17, 2018 for ‘A Taste of Touchstone’ Gallery Exhibit. More information

Roger Hyndman has conducted workshops for artists, arts councils, arts organizations, professional organizations, and educators, and has engaged in artist residencies. He has partnered with the VIEW (a multi-arts center in Old Forge, New York), Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts, Yates County Arts Center, Mid-Hudson Teacher Center and State University of New York at New Paltz, Hartwick College, Syracuse University, University of New Hampshire, Fletcher Farm School, Touchstone Center for Crafts, Sagamore Great Camp, and the Saratoga Arts Council. As an exhibiting artist, Roger has organized and coordinated travel across the United States and Europe. Several recent intaglio prints reflect the influence of nano images and his travels to the Shetland Islands, Fair Isle, Italy, Sicily, Scotland, France, Canada, and across the American landscape.

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Roger will be offering 2 workshops at Touchstone in 2018! Experimental Printmaking’ from June 18–22 and during Teen Week – Intaglio Printmaking’ from June 25–29.

In ‘Experimental Printmaking,’ students will spend the week exploring solarplate, relief, monotype and other forms of printmaking, learning how printmaking is a highly versatile and expressive medium that transforms original ideas into multiple images. Focusing on utilizing the tools of the printmaker, your potential and creativity as an artist, the simplicity of plate processing, and producing creative artwork, you will be introduced to a variety of printmaking techniques and practices as well as participate in critiques. You will also experience the unique sensitivity of printmaking, using an intaglio and pin presses to create and print your images. We will conclude with a class exhibit, critique, and celebration. This workshop is suitable for All Levels.

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For the Teens (grades 9–12), ‘Intaglio Printmaking’ will explore the heritage of the intaglio printmaker utilizing modern and historic concepts and techniques to influence your approach to contemporary printmaking. Intaglio (solarplate) printmaking is a highly versatile and expressive contemporary medium, transforming original drawings, paintings, and collage as well as photographs, JPEG’S, and copier art into high quality etchings. Enjoy making plates in the sun, developing the plate with ordinary tap water, and using the intaglio press to create limited edition etchings. We will focus on utilizing the tools of the printmaker, your creativity as an artist, the simplicity of plate processing, and the production of professional artwork. You will be introduced to a variety of techniques, printmaking practices, and participate in critiques. The workshop will conclude with a class exhibit, critique, and celebration. Solar printmaking will appeal to artists of all media, such as printmakers, photographers, and painters.

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Touchstone Center for Crafts condemns all acts of racism, discrimination, and senseless violence. We firmly believe that everyone has a right to dignity, respect, and equality without fear.  As an organization, we commit to listen and learn and to grow. We will continue to work to empower people to use art as a means of expression, a way to build community, and a powerful voice for change.

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