May 28, 2023 – July 23, 2023

Distinctive Drinkware

Exhibition Reception: Saturday, June 3rd, 11am-4pm during Touchstone’s Annual Open House

Touchstone Center for Crafts is hosting a national juried exhibition that explores the idea of Distinctive Drinkware. Not just everyday mass produced consumer goods, but rather handcrafted items such as cups, shakers, cocktail spoons, bottle openers, and more. The focus of this exhibition is on the function and concept of not only the drinking vessel, but the objects and accessories used to create the drinks. Through the exploration of drinkware, this exhibition aims to serve as a platform to elevate the modern day experience of crafting and enjoying your favorite beverages!

Galleries Open to Visitors Thursdays through Sundays 10AM - 4PM or by appointment

Accepted Artists:

  • Liana Agnew
  • Arielle Bracket
  • Glen Gardner
  • Kim Harrell
  • William Haynes
  • Donna Hetrick
  • Glenn Horr
  • Gerald Kaplan
  • Rachel Kedinger
  • Marilyn Koch* (Best of Show)
  • Stacy Larson
  • Deborah Mackie
  • Michael Mangiafico
  • Max Meier
  • Josh Messmer
  • Marce Nixon
  • Dakota Parkinson
  • Nathalie Royston
  • Stephanie Savic Polk
  • Nancy Smeltzer
  • Savannah Stewart
  • Grace Wallstead
  • Sishi Wang
  • Anne Wolf
  • Kara Zupancic


Portrait of Liz Wells

Elizabeth Wells


Liz Wells is a ceramic artist from southeastern Ohio, living in Pittsburgh, PA. She earned her BFA from Otterbein University and has completed long term residencies and internships since graduating in 2020. She is currently teaching clay and mixed media classes throughout Pittsburgh. In her own practice she creates clay vessels and sculptures that record the permanence of mark making. Her work had been exhibited throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.


Portrait of Chris Lucibella

Chris Lucibella


Chris Lucibella is a metal artist from southwest Colorado, working primarily in forged and fabricated steel. She creates metal sculpture, jewelry, household goods, commission works, and tools. She also teaches welding, blacksmithing, and other metalworking classes. She has a background in architectural ironwork and a passion for creating beauty out of what others regard as refuse. She is fond of cats.