2024 Scholarships

Touchstone scholarships provide opportunities for many deserving individuals of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds to attend workshops each year. While financial need is often a factor in allocating these funds, Touchstone is also dedicated to ensuring that artistic merit and intensity of interest are seriously considered. Incomplete application packages will NOT be reviewed. Scholarship applicants will be notified when to anticipate final determinations regarding awards/denials which will be made via email. If applicable, you may apply for multiple scholarships with one complete application. Scholarships are only valid for the year in which they are awarded; individuals who are unable to attend their awarded workshop will forfeit their scholarship.

  • Scholarship applications are accepted through SlideRoom: touchstonecrafts.slideroom.com
  • Unless otherwise noted, all scholarship applications must be RECEIVED by March 15, 2024. Notifications will go out by April 12th.
  • There are no fees to apply for scholarships.

For questions regarding scholarships or to request a paper/PDF application, contact Programs Manager Travis Winters at (724) 329-1370 or via email.

Opportunities for Veterans & family members:

Agnes & James Kinard Family Scholarship

Provides 100% tuition support for any adult-level workshop to veterans and immediate family members and/or caretakers of veterans as well as members of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. Additional funds may be awarded to offset the cost of housing, meals, and/or materials fees on a case-by-case basis. Veterans scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis.

  • Susan M. Brimo-Cox Memorial Scholarship: Preference is given to veterans and their immediate family members. See additional information below.
  • Additional support for Veterans scholarships provided by Fayette County Commissioner Scott Dunn with proceeds raised through the 2023 Veterans Marathon Relay.

Please contact us at (724) 329-1370 if you prefer a paper/PDF application.

Touchstone Scholarships:

Touchstone offers additional scholarships for any adult-level workshop that may be applied for with a single application.

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Scholarship

Open to current members of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh through the Agnes & James Kinard Family Scholarship fund.

General Scholarship 

This scholarship provides 50% – 100% tuition for any adult-level workshop.

Educators’ Scholarship

This scholarship provides 50% – 100% tuition for specific workshops to be announced. K-12 educators and those studying to be educators are eligible to apply. 


Although a dedicated week for Educators’ Retreat will not be available this season, many of our 2024 workshops have been pre-approved for Act 48 Credits for Pennsylvania educators, sponsored by PAEA (Pennsylvania Art Education Association).

Inclusion Scholarship

Touchstone is committed to diversity, inclusion and advocating for social justice within the craft community. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for underrepresented populations by devoting a portion of our scholarships to individuals who identify as Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, American Indian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or person of color. The scholarship provides 50% – 100% of tuition for adult-level workshops.

Susan M. Brimo-Cox Memorial Scholarship 

This scholarship provides up to $500 towards any adult-level workshop’s tuition, room, and board. Preference is given to veterans and their immediate family members.

The Thaddeus Mosley Scholarship 

This scholarship provides 100% tuition for any adult-level sculpture-based workshop. Additional funds may be awarded to offset the cost of housing, meals, travel and materials fees on a case-by-case basis. This scholarship was established in honor of lifelong Touchstone instructor and friend, Thaddeus Mosley.

Fayette County Resident Discount 

25% Reduced Tuition: Full-time residents of Fayette County in Pennsylvania are offered 25% reduced tuition for any adult workshop. Regular room and board fees apply (discount can not be applied to special firings, teen week, youth programming, date nights, and symposiums).

Please call our office at (724) 329-1370 to receive a discount code.

Teen Week Scholarships:

Ages 14-17
All teens interested in participating in Teen Week MUST fill out an application regardless of whether you are seeking a scholarship or intend to pay for all/some fees.

  • The deadline for submitting applications is April 15th. Notifications will go out by May 1st.
  • Applications are accepted through SlideRoom.
  • There are no fees to apply for Teen Week.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Touchstone Center for Crafts prohibits discrimination in employment, scholarship and educational programs, and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference. Touchstone Center for Crafts also affirms its commitment to providing equal opportunities and equal access to its facilities and programming.