Anna Koplik returns to Touchstone in 2018 to teach a workshop!

Anna Koplik graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in jewelry and has studied blacksmithing and bladesmithing at Peters Valley School of Craft and New England School of Metalwork. She has worked as the blacksmithing assistant at Peters Valley School of Craft, as an apprentice with Ed Claypoole at Atlas Forge in Hopwood, Pennsylvania; and the blacksmithing technician at Touchstone Center for Crafts for two seasons. Anna is currently working as a blacksmith at Spirit Ironworks, Inc. in Long Island, New York.

To see more of Anna’s work visit and follow her on Instagram @arkoplik

Anna will be teaching Introduction to Blacksmithing at Touchstone from July 9–13, 2018. Do you want to learn how to work a coal forge, swing a hammer at the anvil, and heat and forge steel? Then join us for this workshop as we go over these basic blacksmithing skills. We will cover "J" and "S" hooks, leaves, a bottle opener as well as a more complicated project, such as a steak turner, fork, spoon, or another tool. This workshop is suitable for All Levels.

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