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Photo by Michael Maloney

2023 Glass Workshops

Workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Many fill quickly and have wait lists months in advance – don’t wait to register! Registrations for onsite workshops should be made no later than 15 days ahead of the workshop start date so that we can count you when making workshop determinations, ordering materials, etc. Touchstone’s onsite workshop determinations are made 14 days in advance of their scheduled start dates, primarily based on the number of participants registered at that time.


A processing fee of $25 will be added to 1-5 day onsite workshops. All workshop participants must be 18 years or older except where indicated.


To view a full listing of the Terms and Conditions as part of your enrollment, download the 2023 Participant Guide. Please review our updated Health & Safety Guidelines* and Cancellation Policy* prior to registering for any workshop.

*Subject to change, check back for up-to-date information. Registered participants will be notified of any changes.


JUN 12-16 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Soft Glass Blowing at the Torch
Instructor: Leah Nietz

Intermediate-Advanced Level
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$145-$195 Materials and Studio Fees

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Explore the world of glass blowing at the torch and create beautiful miniature vessels, perfume bottles, and pendants. In this workshop, participants will learn to blow an even glass bubble at the torch using hollow mandrels, create a beautiful form using heat and tool shaping techniques, followed by the shaping of a neck, lip, and handles for vessels and bottles. Participants will also learn how to create partial implosion flowers with soft glass. A variety of color, encasing and decorative design techniques will be demonstrated throughout the class.

JUL 10-14 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Structural Flameworking
Instructor: Kit Paulson

All Levels
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$95-$145 Materials and Studio Fees

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Starting with basic borosilicate flameworking techniques, this workshop will focus on building structures in solid glass (with some forays into hollow objects). Working directly from scale drawings, participants will learn to construct complex forms from small motifs. Participants can expect to learn the fundamentals of borosilicate flameworking as well as techniques more specific to this method of building. Bring grand ideas, a pencil, a drawing compass, and expect to learn through demos, illustrated handouts, slide shows, and hands-on practice. Beginners welcome!

Fused Glass Fundamentals
Instructor: Meredith Edmondson

All Levels (Ages 14-17)
$710 Tuition
$100 Materials and Studio Fees


All teens interested in participating in Teen Week MUST fill out an application regardless of whether you are seeking a scholarship or intend to pay for all/some fees.

In this workshop, we will start with the basics: cutting and prepping glass, layering and patternmaking, and simple yet reliable firing schedules that can be replicated in any kiln. We will then move into to cutting complicated shapes, glass decals and image making, and slumping into molds to create unique shapes. Come with an open mind ready to design!

JUL 24-28 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Warm Glass Roundup
Instructor: Meredith Edmondson

No Experience/Beginner Level
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$170-$220 Materials and Studio Fees

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In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of fusing and slumping glass, as well as some tips and tricks for unlocking the potential to get your ideas out of your head and into your hands. Topics will include cutting glass, fusing and slumping, pattern making, creating simple images with decals, and the technical aspects of creating firing schedules and troubleshooting basic problems.

AUG 14-18 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Glass Networking
Instructor: Eunsuh Choi

Intermediate/Advanced Level
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$70-$120 Materials and Studio Fees

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This workshop focuses on a specific technique called “Networking,” which involves connecting rods of glass together in a tight, web-like configuration which eventually creates a hollow form with a defined silhouette. Utilizing this specialized technique, participants will focus on building a solid foundation for construction technique by bending and welding rods together. You will use life-sized drawings or blueprints to make pieces in two- and/or three-dimensions. We will cover structural analysis and design analysis to make sculptural pieces. We will work with small diameter solid rods in sculptural contexts.


AUG 26-28 | 3-DAY (SAT-MON)
Glass Beadmaking and More
Instructor: Joy Knepp

No Experience/Beginner Level
$470 Member | $500 Non-Member 
$70-$120 Materials and Studio Fees

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Explore the world of glass beadmaking and see why this artform can be so addictive. From the time you light the torch and melt the glass, you will be guided through a variety of techniques, including how to create particular bead shapes, such as rounds or donut shapes, cylinders, bicones and lentils. You will learn to decorate your beads with stringers and twistees, dots and canes. A variety of tools will be used to manipulate the shapes of beads with raking, twisting and altering the surface of the glass. You can even bring your favorite colored glass bottles and recycle them into beautiful beads.

SEP 2-3 | 2-DAY (SAT-SUN)
Pulling Colorful Glass Cane to Make Marbles and Beads
Instructor: Michael Mangiafico

No Experience/Beginner Level
$360 Member | $390 Non-Member
$70-$120 Materials and Studio Fees

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In this lively 2-day workshop, participants will learn to pull various colorful glass cane to inform the building and design of an assortment of marbles and beads.

SEP 16-17 | 2-DAY (SAT-SUN) | AGES 14 AND UP
Bless Yourself!
Instructor: Isaac Beachy

During this exciting weekend of workshops, all classes will be open to ages 14 and up! Workshop tuition includes lunch, both Saturday and Sunday. NO LODGING is available on campus for this session.

All Levels – Ages 14 and up
$396 Member | $426 Non-Member
Materials and Studio Fees to be determined

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Ever wish you got to choose what was in the stained glass in holy places? For centuries, stained glass has been used to hold up values and individuals to be revered. Leverage some of that historical meaning and put whatever loved one, selfie, role model, or abstract concept you think is worth revering in your own stained glass window you make yourself. Incorporating a printed image they supply, you will learn all the steps necessary to build a stained glass window and go home with their own 8 x 8” stained glass window hanging.

SEP 23-25 | 3-DAY (SAT-MON)
Introduction to Fused Glass
Instructor: SaraBeth Post

No Experience/Beginner Level
$470 Member | $500 Non-Member
$135-$185 Materials and Studio Fees

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In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of kiln-formed (fused) glass. We’ll cover the essential tools and terms to create flat and slumped glass panels. Participants will walk away being comfortable in techniques of glass cutting, kiln preparation and firing schedules.

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Mission Statement: Touchstone Center for Crafts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance excellence in the arts and crafts by educating and encouraging individuals to develop technical skills, good design, and innovative expression.

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