Educators: Plan Your Retreat!

2024 ACT 48 Credit for PA Educators

Although a dedicated week for Educators’ Retreat will not be available this season, many of our 2024 workshops have been pre-approved for Act 48 Credits for Pennsylvania educators, sponsored by PAEA (Pennsylvania Art Education Association).


Touchstone is willing to collaborate with education associations from additional states to ensure that any specific requirements can be met.


Choose from 18 workshops throughout the season:


June 10-14

CERAMICS: Hand Meets Wheel - Instructor: Wes Brown 

METALS & JEWELRY: Jewelry & Small Sculpture with Repurposed Materials - Instructor: Jan Loney


June 17-21

CERAMICS: Let's Talk – A Conversation Between Form & Imagery - Instructor: Kathy King 

DRAWING & PAINTING: Cyanotype & Encaustic Fusion - Instructor: Michele Randall


June 24-28

BLACKSMITHING: Get Hooked on Forging - Instructor: Addison DeLisle

SPECIAL TOPICS: Large-Scale Fabric Painting & Dyeing - Instructor: Gretchen Schermerhorn


July 8-12

GLASS: Special Effects in Kiln Glass - Instructor: Drew Kail

METALS & JEWELRY: 5 Verbs Over 5 Days - Instructor: Maya Kini


July 22-26

BLACKSMITHING: Traditional Process – Contemporary Design; Instructor: Douglas Wilson

DRAWING & PAINTING: Discovering Oil & Cold Wax; Instructor: Julie Snidle


July 29-August 2

BLACKSMITHING: Making Steel Organic; Instructor: Margaret Jacobs

DRAWING & PAINTING: A Forager’s Sketchbook: Mushrooms, Fungi, & Forest Plants; Instructor: Margaret Saylor


August 5-9

CERAMICS: Pinchy Pinchy; Instructor: Emily Schroeder Willis

SPECIAL TOPICS: Traditional Yoruba Adire Eleko & Tie-Dye with Indigo; Instructor: Gasali Adeyemo


August 12-16

BLACKSMITHING: Armature Vessels; Instructor: Susan Madacsi

METALS & JEWELRY: Site Investigation-Setting your Gems!; Instructor: Motoko Furuhashi


August 19-23

BLACKSMITHING: Pattern Welded Steel  to Suit Your Interests; Instructor: James Viste

SPECIAL TOPICS: Ephemeral Mapping with Handmade Paper Making; Instructor: Katy Dement

Educators' Scholarships:

This scholarship provides 50%-100% tuition for a workshop. K-12 educators and those studying to be educators are eligible.

  • Scholarship applications are accepted through SlideRoom:
  • Scholarship applications must be RECEIVED by March 15, 2024.
  • There are no fees to apply for scholarships.

“I have done a lot of professional developments and conferences in both the U.S. and internationally and this is one of the best.”

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