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Touchstone understands that the value of a student’s overall campus experience extends beyond the studio, and we assure our guests that the presentation and quality of food and beverage service will be maintained at a high standard. Meal plans are available only to registered workshop participants. Meal plans are not available for youth workshops, with the exception of Teen Week. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free foods are available with advanced notice.

Note: If you are not purchasing a meal plan, please know that Touchstone has very limited food preparation facilities available to guests and that there are very few restaurants in close proximity. There is a microwave and a refrigerator in the Dining Hall for participant use; any type of substantive cooking is not possible.

Meal Plan Pricing

LUNCH ONLY MEAL PLANS begin with lunch on the first day of your workshop and end with lunch on the last day of your workshop.

  • 2-Day Workshop - $36
  • 3-Day Workshop - $54
  • 5-Day Workshop - $90

FULL MEAL PLANS begin with breakfast on the first day of your workshop and include three meals a day through lunch on the last day of your workshop. Dinner the night prior to your workshop is available as an ‘add on’ item that must be purchased separately at registration. Dinner service is not offered on the final (checkout) day for any workshops.

  • 2-Day Workshop - $75
  • 3-Day Workshop - $125
  • 5-Day Workshop - $225
  • Additional Dinner for Early Check-In - $22 

Mission Statement: Touchstone Center for Crafts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance excellence in the arts and crafts by educating and encouraging individuals to develop technical skills, good design, and innovative expression.

Touchstone Center for Crafts condemns all acts of racism, discrimination, and senseless violence. We firmly believe that everyone has a right to dignity, respect, and equality without fear.  As an organization, we commit to listen and learn and to grow. We will continue to work to empower people to use art as a means of expression, a way to build community, and a powerful voice for change.

Touchstone Center for Crafts · 1049 Wharton Furnace Rd. · Farmington · PA 15437

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