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Photo by Alex Byers

2023 Blacksmithing Workshops

Workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Many fill quickly and have wait lists months in advance – don’t wait to register! Registrations for onsite workshops should be made no later than 15 days ahead of the workshop start date so that we can count you when making workshop determinations, ordering materials, etc. Touchstone’s onsite workshop determinations are made 14 days in advance of their scheduled start dates, primarily based on the number of participants registered at that time.


A processing fee of $25 will be added to 1-5 day onsite workshops. All workshop participants must be 18 years or older except where indicated.


To view a full listing of the Terms and Conditions as part of your enrollment, download the 2023 Participant Guide. Please review our updated Health & Safety Guidelines* and Cancellation Policy* prior to registering for any workshop.

*Subject to change, check back for up-to-date information. Registered participants will be notified of any changes.


JUN 19-23 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Hammers and Tongs: The Basics of Toolmaking
Instructor: Anna Koplik

Intermediate Level
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$125 Materials and Studio Fees

Call 724-329-1370 to Register

Learn the art of toolmaking and boost your skills and self-sufficiency as a blacksmith! In this workshop, you will be guided through making many fundamental tools of the trade. We will cover everything from tong forging and fit up to hammer making and handling. Leave with your own hand forged tools and the skills to make more on your own. Expect lots of heavy physical work, long days in the shop, and bad puns.

Striking a Series
Instructor: Marc Maiorana

No Experience/Beginner Level
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$130-$180 Materials and Studio Fees

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This beginning blacksmithing workshop will focus on making a small series of iron 
objects in five days. We will start with an introduction to forging and 
forming steel and how to join pieces together, and then transition into 
sketching and creating a small family of items. Each participant will develop a 
series unique to them that could be utilitarian or sculptural; examples could 
range from a set of utensils to a group of sculptures. In addition to learning 
key forming techniques, we will briefly discuss design concepts and the steps 
necessary to make a sketchbook drawing three dimensional.

JUL 10-14 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Japanese Raising Techniques
Instructor: Glen Gardner

Intermediate/Advanced Level
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$70-$120 Materials and Studio Fees

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This workshop will focus on the tools and techniques used by Japanese metalsmiths to shape flat sheet metal into hollow forms and vessels.  The Japanese process known as "tsuiki" (hammer raise) is somewhat different than Western style raising.  Basic tsuiki raising techniques will be taught, but we will also dive into designing and making the stakes and hammers that make this process unique.

Blacksmithing for Teens
Instructor: Nathanael Weiss

All Levels (Ages 14-17)
$710 Tuition
$100 Materials and Studio Fees


Deadline for submitting Teen Week applications for 2023 is May 1st. Applications for 2024 will be available beginning January 1, 2024.

In this five-day workshop, you will go on an exciting journey that will provide you with basic blacksmithing knowledge. No prior forging experience needed! Through traditional methods, you will learn to taper, spread, isolate, punch, drift, and rivet a project to chart a course for success. An emphasis will be put on fundamental hand skills, design foundations, and fun!

JUL 24-28 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Basic Bladesmithing
Instructor: Andrew Meers

All Levels
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$110 Materials and Studio Fees

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Learn the basics of bladesmithing during this five-day workshop! Over the course of the week, you will design and forge a small-scale utility knife. You can expect to leave with a forged and heat-treated carbon steel blade, and, if time permits, you will learn to refine and complete the details of your very own knife.

Forged, Found, & Feral
Instructor: Anne Bujold

All Levels
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$90-$140 Materials and Studio Fees

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Incorporate basic blacksmithing and welding techniques with assembled found objects to create sculptures of creatures, real or imagined! Let your imagination run wild as we explore form, process, and the expressive potential of materials. We will incorporate sheet metal to create volume and linear elements to build structure, giving you an array of possibilities for constructing your sculpture. We will also consider cold connection methods, surface treatments, and design in this action-packed class.

AUG 7-11 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Forging FUNdamentals for the Kitchen
Instructor: Andy Dohner

All Levels
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$50-$100 Materials and Studio Fees

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This workshop will introduce participants to forging through the creation of functional kitchen utensils. Demonstrations will focus on forging utensils out of one piece of steel, but there will be opportunities to explore other styles, materials, and design concepts. We will introduce conventional and unconventional techniques like drawing a taper, isolating mass, spreading, and different connection options. Design topics will include developing the eye, understanding the importance of a clean line, and the idea of forging with finesse. Participants should be prepared to work with all skill levels in a fun, safe, group environment that encourages creativity.

AUG 14-18 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Forging with Sculptural Potential
Instructor: Aaron DeShields

All Levels
$665 Member | $695 Non-Member
$100-$150 Materials and Studio Fees

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This workshop will explore the many sculptural applications of blacksmithing. There will be an emphasis on transforming mass, creating texture, and making connections with aesthetic consideration. Experimentation and investigation will be essential to this course. All skill levels are welcome, prior blacksmithing or metal fabrication experience will be beneficial.


AUG 26-28 | 3-DAY (SAT-MON)
Hammer, Draw, Twist, & Scroll
Instructor: Glenn Horr

All Levels
$470 Member | $500 Non-Member
$45-$95 Materials and Studio Fees

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Learn the basics or enhance your skills in the fascinating craft of hand-forged metalwork! You will learn about using a coal forge, hand forging skills, and techniques such as tapering (drawing out), twisting, scrolling, punching, and toolmaking – making items like hooks, barbecue tools, and leaves. Making small tools will also be discussed.

SEP 2-3 | 2-DAY (SAT-SUN)
Forging Stainless Steel Spoons & Ladles
Instructor: Elizabeth Belz

All Levels
$360 Member | $390 Non-Member
$55-$105 Materials and Studio Fees

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Demystify the processes of turning 304 stainless steel into spoons and ladles during this two-day workshop. Participants will learn basic metallurgy of stainless, important forging tricks, and safe ways to passivate finished pieces. We will use bar stainless and preturned copper hemispheres in this class. No forging experience is necessary; basic safety, fire maintenance, and hammer control will be touched on.

SEP 9-11 | 3-DAY (SAT-MON)
Leaf it to Me: Botanical Candlesticks
Instructor: Addison de Lisle

All Levels
$470 Member | $500 Non-Member
$80-$130 Materials and Studio Fees

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Candlesticks are a great way to explore the sculptural potential of ironwork, while still keeping a toe in the functional world. de Lisle will walk students through the process of forging botanical-styled candlesticks that take advantage of the organic qualities of forged iron, and along the way we'll get comfortable with using forge-welding to make visually exciting pieces from simple parts. This workshop has something for everyone, from beginners looking to hone their technique to those with some experience interested in pushing their design skills.

SEP 16-17 | 2-DAY (SAT-SUN) | AGES 14 AND UP
Introduction to Blacksmithing
Instructor: Andy Upright

During this exciting weekend of workshops, all classes will be open to ages 14 and up! Workshop tuition includes lunch, both Saturday and Sunday. NO LODGING is available on campus for this session.

All Levels – Ages 14 and Up
$396 Member | $426 Non-Member
Materials and Studio Fees to be determined

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Explore the basics of blacksmithing in a 2-day workshop with a focus on making keychains and wall hooks. We will start with lighting a coal fire and cover the techniques of tapering, twisting, punching holes, bending and upsetting steel to create shapes and forms that build upon each technique. Participants will get to explore their unique creativity and walk away with finished functional pieces. 

SEP 23-25 | 3-DAY (SAT-MON)
Forging Tiny Hammers
Instructor: Nathanael Weiss

All Levels
$470 Member | $500 Non-Member
Materials and Studio Fees to be determined

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In this three-day workshop, learn the skills necessary to make tools. Participants will delve into the wonder and excitement of making hand tools, including punches, drifts, and small hammer heads. Gathering an understanding of proper forging, heat treating, and handling will be of paramount importance for participants to walk away with a beautiful and functional tool.

SEP 30-OCT 1 | 2-DAY (SAT-SUN)
Traveling Utensil Set
Instructor: Rachel Kedinger

No Experience/Beginner Level
$360 Member | $390 Non-Member 
$50-$100 Materials and Studio Fees

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In this workshop, participants will learn to forge and shape utensils out of steel, copper, and brass. Through the practice of creating a travel utensil set, participants will develop an understanding of the advantages these metals possess – both individually and in combination. Participants will leave this workshop with a fork, spoon, and butter knife, and a wide range of material knowledge that is applicable both to blacksmithing and metalworking.

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