2024 Special Topics Workshops

Workshop enrollment happens on a first-come, first-served basis. Many fill to capacity quickly and have waitlists months in advance. It’s best to register as early as possible – don’t delay! Registrations for onsite workshops should be made no later than 15 days ahead of the workshop start date so that we can include you when we’re making workshop determinations, ordering materials, etc. Touchstone’s onsite workshop determinations (running vs cancelling) are made 14 days in advance of their scheduled start dates, primarily based on the number of participants registered at that time.

  • A processing fee of $25 will be added to 2-5 day onsite workshops.
  • All workshop participants must be at least 18 years of age, unless otherwise noted.
  • Remember: Materials and studio fees are separate from tuition fees and are to be paid in full once finalized (typically two weeks prior to the workshop).

To view a full listing of the Terms and Conditions as part of your enrollment, download the 2024 Participant Guide. Please review our updated Health & Safety Guidelines* and Cancellation Policy* prior to registering for any workshop.


*Subject to change based on health regulations and best practices. Registered participants will be notified if changes are made.


JUN 17-21 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Willow Weaving Skills
Instructor: Jesica Clark

All Levels
$695 Member | $725 Non-Member
$175-$225 Materials and Studio Fees

This workshop is no longer open for enrollment.

Hone in on a particular skill, or spend the week making your first few willow baskets. In this workshop, participants of any willow weaving level can work on a project or skill of their choosing, according to their experience. From round baskets to ovals and square work, from bases to borders, we'll up your weaving game! Please note that if you're a beginning weaver, the first step is always learning baskets made from round bases. Strong hands are a must for working with willow!

JUN 24-28 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Large-Scale Fabric Printing & Dyeing
Instructor: Gretchen Schermerhorn

*Pre-approved for Act 48 Credit by PAEA

No Experience-Beginner
$695 Member | $725 Non-Member
$120-$170 Materials and Studio Fees

Limited space may still be available. Call 724-329-1370 to check availability.

Have you ever considered designing your own curtains, fabric, or wallpaper? In this workshop, you will learn various dyeing and printing techniques which will produce sumptuous patterned fabric. We will begin with an introduction to using natural and fiber-reactive dyes, which will create a varied base color on the fabric. We will then create rich layers of imagery on the fabric by using simple and complex screenprinting techniques. Repeat patterning, overdyeing, multicolor printing, and various fabric applications will also be demonstrated and demystified in the workshop.

Giant Puppets
Instructor: Cheryl Capezzuti

All Levels (Ages 14-17)
$750 Tuition
$100 Materials and Studio Fees


The deadline for submitting applications is April 15th. Notifications will go out by May 1st.


Design and build your own giant puppet in this one-week workshop that concludes with a campus parade or performance. Participants will explore traditions of celebration from around the world that incorporate giant puppets, learn the essential skills of design related to building bigger than yourself and complete two projects: a parade mask and a giant puppet. Expect to draw, Papier-mâché, paint, build and sew in this exciting studio.

JUL 29-AUG 2 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Organic Abstract & Backyard Birds
Instructor: David Jarvinen

All Levels
$695 Member | $725 Non-Member
$130-$180 Materials and Studio Fees


Join this weeklong adventure and learn to build a base for mosaics while gaining an understanding of abstract concepts for creating an organic abstract using glass, beads, and more! Organic refers to natural items, and participants will spend time in nature to find objects to include. You will learn to identify movement and embrace it, then move on to exploring color and tone in a wonderful backyard bird mosaic portrait. You will learn to identify light, medium, and dark as you create mosaic tesserae using David’s shard techniques to create feathers, fur, and grasses.

AUG 5-9 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Traditional Yoruba Adire Eleko & Tie-Dye with Indigo
Instructor: Gasali Adeyemo

*Pre-approved for Act 48 Credit by PAEA

All Levels
$695 Member | $725 Non-Member
$65-$115 Materials and Studio Fees

This workshop is full.

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Learn the traditional Yoruba adire eleko and tie-dye techniques in this workshop with master craftsman Gasali Adeyemo. Experiment with intricate patterns while learning the history and meanings behind the traditional designs. Participants will learn how to prepare an indigo vat and cassava paste resist. As you dye your finished pieces in deep blue indigo, you will learn the importance and history of indigo dye in the Yoruba culture.

AUG 12-16 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Sculptural Basketry
Instructor: Ann Coddington

All Levels
$695 Member | $725 Non-Member
$135-$185 Materials and Studio Fees


Explore and engage in basketry as a sculptural medium capable of expressing ideas and carrying meaning beyond utilitarian aspects of traditional basketry. We will focus on twining with waxed linen and also learn other processes such as reed twining, netting, looping, and random weave. Most importantly we will share, discover, connect, interact, play, create and have fun!

AUG 19-23 | 5-DAY (MON-FRI)
Ephemeral Mapping with Handmade Paper Making
Instructor: Katy Dement

*Pre-approved for Act 48 Credit by PAEA

All Levels
$695 Member | $725 Non-Member
$40-$90 Materials and Studio Fees


No material is arbitrary as we create ephemeral records of time and place. We will explore fiber processing, beating invasive and reclaimed materials to a pulp, crafting handmade paper sheets made of the plants and other materials we collect from the Touchstone campus, creating literal or representational handmade paper maps. Participants will learn the history of papermaking while honing their sheet forming skills using color, texture and “wet on wet” collage to illustrate in and on hand made paper scaling up in size as we create.


SEP 7-9 | 3-DAY (SAT-MON)
Stories in Stone, Glass, & Ceramic:  Making Meaning in Mosaic
Instructor: Erika Johnson

No Experience-Beginner
$490 Member | $520 Non-Member
$70-$120 Materials and Studio Fees


A mosaic can be defined simply as “pieces of things, put together in a particular way.” Participants will transform stone, glass smalti, fragments and found objects into mosaic compositions layered with personal, historic, and place-based meaning. With a focus on natural and reclaimed materials, this workshop explores the tools, methods, and joys of making art that holds the story of a specific place and time. You’ll learn to cut stone, ceramic, and glass to create mosaic tesserae, and you’ll use appropriate substrates and adhesives to construct durable work and employ the timeless language of andamento to create a finished mosaic for indoor or outdoor display. Bring a few meaningful small objects to incorporate into your composition. Suitable for beginners as well as established artists wishing to add new mosaic techniques to their studio practice.


Participants have the option of adding a tour of The Ruins Project on the Friday preceding the workshop (more information will follow).

SEP 28-30 | 3-DAY (SAT-MON)
Willow Weaving Explorations
Instructor: Daniel Brockett

All Levels
$490 Member | $520 Non-Member
$100-$150 Materials and Studio Fees


Learn all the techniques necessary to weave a round stake and strand willow basket, as well as different styles of side weaves, borders, and handles. In addition to learning the basics of the craft and becoming acquainted with willow as a material, there will be opportunities for creative choices with colors, patterns, and smaller projects. Extra material will be available for participants who wish to complete additional pieces as time allows. Please note this work is hand, wrist, and shoulder intensive.

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