Fred Herbst and Doug Jeppesen are two more of our ‘Taste of Touchstone’ Artists who will also be teaching at Touchstone in 2018!

Visit The Allegany Arts Council’s Saville Gallery in Cumberland, MD from February 3-17, 2018 for ‘A Taste of Touchstone’ Gallery Exhibit. More information: Taste of Touchstone

Fred Herbst received a MFA in ceramics from the University of North Texas in 1998. He is a professor of art and chair of the Humanities Department at Corning Community College in Corning, New York. His wood-fired work has been shown in exhibitions across the United States and internationally. Fred has presented for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, the Glass Art Society, and the First European Wood-fired Ceramics Conference in Germany. He has been published in Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, and The Log Book. His work has also appeared in 500 Teapots, Volume 2 and Wood-fired Ceramics: 100 Contemporary Artists. In collaboration with the Corning Museum of Glass, Fred developed a hybrid wood-fired kiln that can be used to fire ceramics and blow glass simultaneously.

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Doug Jeppesen is an associate professor of art/ceramics at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, Illinois. Doug earned a BFA in art and a BA in art history from the University of Tulsa and his MFA from Northern Illinois University. His work has appeared in numerous national exhibitions including Feats of Clay, Strictly Functional, and the Wichita National. He presented at the International Wood Fire Conference hosted by Northern Arizona University and the Second European Wood Fire Conference held at Guldagergaard International Research Center in Skaelskor, Denmark. Most recently, he was the host of the 2016 International Wood Fire Conference held at Waubonsee Community College. Doug also worked extensively with Laguna Clay Company to develop Wood Fired B-Mix WC-899.

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Fred Herbst and Doug Jeppesen will be teaching ‘Domesticating Fire’ at Touchstone from September 14–16, 2018. All are welcome as we utilize the Touchstone Center for Crafts’ Noborigama wood-fired kiln to explore possibilities with wood-fired ceramics. We will discuss wood-fired ceramics concepts like kiln design, loading and firing strategies, materials (e.g., clay, slip, and glaze) appropriate for woodfiring, kiln cooling, and other issues. During the firing, the instructors will demonstrate their wheel and handbuilding methods including the use of molds. Students should bring cone 10 bisque ware made from a variety of clay bodies if possible.

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