Laura Lyn Stern is one of our ‘A Taste of Touchstone’ Artists who will also be teaching at Touchstone in 2018!

Visit The Allegany Arts Council’s Saville Gallery in Cumberland, MD from February 3-17, 2018 for ‘A Taste of Touchstone’ Gallery Exhibit. More information

Hurry, the exhibition closes this Saturday, Feb. 17!

Laura Lyn Stern is a Philadelphia-based educator and mosaic artist. Her artwork utilizes high bas-relief, unconventional materials, and skillful design approaches. Laura Lyn works with both project installation and object oriented pieces. She has designed collections for Metaphor Bronze Tile and Wilton Armetale in addition to showing her work in numerous exhibitions and galleries.

To see more of Laura’s work visit her website and follow her on Instagram @lalystern

Laura will be teaching ‘One Piece Molds and Casting’ at Touchstone from July 23–27, 2018. In this class, students will create bas-relief pieces that can be used as surface coverings or as inclusions in mosaic projects. You will be introduced to three different mold making materials (plaster, investment, and latex) and three different casting materials (clay, glass, and resin). We will begin with a 4 inch by 4 inch design in clay from which a plaster press mold will be cast. Four ceramic tiles will be pressed from the original mold. For the second piece, a prototype will be designed using clay, then after the investment mold is created, we will kiln cast using colored glass frit and sheet glass. For the third process, students will be making a latex mold from a found object and will cast their pieces using casting resin. You will leave Touchstone with a clear understanding of how to design and produce successful, one-piece molds and bas-relief tiles from three different materials. Come with ideas for a specific project or come to soak up the variety of techniques and materials that will be presented! This workshop is suitable for All Levels and is a great class for ceramic artists, mosaic artists, and sculptors wanting to expand their mold making skill set.

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