Exhibitions & Retail Gallery

Our Retail Gallery is open by appointment only — until we reopen in the spring.

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Look for a special exhibition coming to Touchstone in May!


Auböck: The Gallet Collection

More information coming soon.

Artists & Craftspeople represented in the Retail Gallery:

Adam Nelson, Daggerfish
Aileen Lampman
Aisha Bigwood, Pin+Pallet
Ali Saunders
Anna Koplik
Audrey Howard
Barbara Creighton
Benjamin Lambert
Beth Magyan
Beverly Post Barrett
Claire Hardy
Dan Kuhn, Ton Pottery, LLC
Daniel Brocket
Dean Simpson
Deb Mackie
Donald Smith
E. Christopher & Sons
East Wheeling Clay Works
Ed Eberhardt
Erica Boas (Blair)
Erin Carlson, Red Cottage Fiber Studio

Eryn Hughes, Trail Botanica
Frances Singh Collier
Glenn Horr, Highland Forge
Hello Loom
Janice Patrignani
Jennie DiBeneditto
Jes Davis
Jessica Halsband, Ritual Soap Works
Joy Knepp
Julia Castor
Julie SnidleJustine Gabreski
Karen Krieger
Karlie Kendig
Kim Wright
Liana Agnew
Lindsay Huff
Maia Leppo
Makena Henriksen
Martha Grover
Meredith Edmondson
Michael Mangiafico

Missy Graff, Wellness for Makers
Natalie Kovacs
Norb Duritsa
Rachel Kedinger
Ren Higuera
Rita Haldeman
Ron Donoughe
Rona Chang, Otto Fin, LLC
Sam Whitney
Sarah Meranda, Magpie Mouse Studios
Sonita Cannon, Juniper & Lark
Stacy Larson
Stephanie Oplinger
Talon Smith
Tanya Crane
Taylor Mezo
Terra Hedgecock
Victoria Baron

Previous 2023 Exhibitions

OCT 7 – DEC 23

2023 Intern Exhibition: Some Objects

"Some Objects" presents a comprehensive body of work created by the interns living and working together at Touchstone Center for Crafts during the 2023 season. Through a thoughtful selection of gifts and crafted objects, this exhibition seeks to illuminate how the internship experience can foster kinship between a collective of craftspeople, who, outside of a craft school environment, would likely not have a chance to engage in such a tightly-knit communal space.


Join us for a reception on Saturday, Nov. 4th from 11am - 4pm.


2023 Artist Interns

  • Bonnie McEachren, Studio Management Intern
  • Eva Polzer, Studio Management Intern
  • Phil Stephens, Studio Management Intern
  • Arthur Gibson, Touchstone Intern
  • Ren Higuera, Touchstone Intern
  • Zach Morphew, Touchstone Intern

JUL 29 – OCT 1

Pittsburgh Ceramics Collective


The Pittsburgh Ceramics Collective is an organization whose mission is to help expose and unite ceramics artists, and project that community to the people of Pittsburgh. We do this in many forms, but mainly through Ceramixers (social events), pop-up sales, and exhibitions held throughout the region.



  • Kimberlyn Bloise

  • Bill Strickland

  • Sarah Tancred

  • Donna Hetrick

  • Mac McCusker

  • Reilly Deller

  • Dan Vito

  • Bill Foglia

  • Matt Zorn

  • Audra Clayton

JUL 14 - OCT 1

2023 Instructors of Touchstone

This exhibition showcases the creativity, talent, and technical expertise of our current workshop instructors. These professional, accomplished artists are invited from across the country to lead our workshops and successfully develop the skillsets of our workshop participants. A sampling of their works will include mediums of which are taught within our studios. Learn more about our 2023 instructors by viewing their bios on our workshop pages.



  • Elizabeth Belz (artwork pictured in collage above)
  • Lanny Bergner
  • Eric Burris
  • Harlan Butt
  • Glenn Horr
  • Anna Koplik
  • Benjamin Lambert (artwork pictured in collage above)
  • Deborah Mackie (artwork pictured in collage above)
  • Michael Mangiafico
  • William Pfahl
  • Jamie Bates Slone
  • Mike Stumbras
  • Carol Ventura
  • Nathanael Weiss
  • Elizabeth Wells
  • Susan Wilson
  • Logan Woodle (artwork pictured in collage above)

MAY 28 – JUL 23

Distinctive Drinkware

featuring 25 accepted artists

Touchstone is hosting a national juried exhibition that explores the idea of Distinctive Drinkware. Not just everyday mass produced consumer goods, but rather handcrafted items such as cups, shakers, cocktail spoons, bottle openers, and more. The focus of this exhibition is on the function and concept of not only the drinking vessel, but the objects and accessories used to create the drinks. Through the exploration of drinkware, this exhibition aims to serve as a platform to elevate the modern day experience of crafting and enjoying your favorite beverages!

MAY 1 – JUN 30

366 Hooks

If you aren’t already "hooked" on blacksmithing, you will be after viewing this display of unique forged hooks created by Matt Jenkins of Cloverdale Forge in Manitoba, Canada! Jenkins proves there is no limit to the innovation and execution of making something as "simple" as a hook. Curated and produced by Cloverdale Forge and the Manitoba Craft Council, Manitoba, Canada and touring the USA by the Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America (ABANA).


Opening reception during Touchstone’s Open House on Saturday, June 3 from 11AM-4PM.